Monster Truck Visit

We had a special visit today from a MONSTER TRUCK!  Check out our photos below.  You can comment on your experience of monster trucks in the comment section below this post!


The monster truck arrived on the back of a monster truck!


All of the teachers were VERY impressed!


The Mystery Machine!


The monster truck commentator and driver.


All of St. Therese marvelling at the size of the truck!



13 thoughts on “Monster Truck Visit

  1. Stella was so excited to tell me all about the monster trucks that visited the school today. She was impressed at how BIG they were. So very lucky to have them there today.

  2. I really like going to shows like monster truck shows,and all different motorcross shows like freestyle motorcross, supercross races and I really like going to nitro circus shows!.

  3. I went to the monster truck show. It was amazing , the fireworks and the
    Scooby Doo jet van was my favorite part.The jet van put a car on fire and
    people were trying to put it out. The jet van got sooooo close to us .The fireworks went on for ages.

  4. Wow it looks so cool I wish I was there to see there amazing monster trucks
    Every body that seen it you guys must of been amazed by the people who brought it to the school
    Thanks teacher for letting these people bring it to school

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