Taylor’s Park Outing

On Wednesday, August 20, the 1/2 Learning Community will be venturing to Taylor’s Park as part of our Investigations.  Students will be exploring the natural elements of the park, using and applying their Literacy and Maths knowledge.  This will allow us to connect with the community we live in!

We will be leaving at 9:15am and returning to school by 10:50am.  Parents are welcome to join us!

7 thoughts on “Taylor’s Park Outing

  1. I liked Taylor’s Park because there were native animals. I saw a big river & there were ducks & I think I saw an eel.

  2. I loved that I was able to make a potion with flowers, water , dirt and flower seeds that I found at the park.

  3. I loved going to Taylor park I love when I worked with friends and had fun some people didn’t like it well I did love it thanks teachers for taking us there

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