On Friday we had lots of fun choosing a workshop to participate in. We spent the morning learning many new skills.

Here are some photos from the wool workshop.

photo 1We needed to help each other, teach each other and practise.

photo 2

Emily’s finger knitting was very long and we decided to measure it. It was 4 metres and 18 centimetres.


photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo A photo B


Here are some photos from the cooking and decorating workshop. Students had to cater and set up their own mad hatters tea party. They worked in groups to choose their recipe to bake, bake their chosen recipe, create their own mad hat and decoration for the table. It was fantastic to see some really solid teamwork and each student contributing to the clean up.

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21 thoughts on “Workshops

  1. on Friday we all did cooking. It was workshop day. We had so much fun. we all made cupcakes they were chocolate and chocky road. we got to decorate them with lollies. It was a mad hatters tea party and we all made hats. we got to make our own icing using milk and icing sugar. We got to decorate the table and we got to eat the cupcakes when they were finished they were delicious.

  2. Emily : I am so exited that my finger nitting is on the blog
    Maisie : Emily and I were doing finger nitting Emily’s was so loing. I made a pom pom . Emily : Maisie’s Pom Pom is so good . My nanny made a headband from nitting . It is blue and red . Maisie : my nanny nitted me a teddy bear . It is black, pink , and perple .

  3. The knitting workshop was great on Friday. I had so much fun finger knitting with my friends. I made about 2metres of wool in total.

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