Off to Mass

PLEASE NOTE:  We are not visiting the Library until Wednesday, May 27, 2015.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

This Wednesday (May 13), half of the 1/2 Learning Community are participating in Mass at the St. Therese Church.  The remaining group will participate in Mass next Wednesday (May 20).  We are attending as Literacy Groups, therefore, your child may be going with a teacher other than their homegroup teacher.  This arrangement works best as it is the least disruptive for those not attending Mass and staying at school.

The groups are as follows:


Adam, Chelsea and Irene’s Literacy Groups


Chris, Vaughn, Gerard and Sarah’s Literacy Groups

Your child will know who they have for Literacy, but in case they are unsure please check the list below:

Literacy Groupings

If the weather is unaccommodating then we will be travelling by bus, otherwise, we will walk as per usual.

Everyone welcome to attend!


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