Story Time

This week we have started a new unit in Religion. Our topic is called ‘Stories of God’s People’. We have been listening to some of our favourite books and reading stories from the Bible.

Part of this unit requires students to bring in a favourite book from home to read with the class and discuss the characters in the story. If you have a favourite book at home, you can bring it in on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday for us to use in our Religion sessions. Make sure it has your name on it somewhere.

This unit also has a big focus on storytelling. We would like the students to have a discussion with their families at home and get someone to tell them a story about their family – perhaps some family history, maybe a story about mum or dad when they were little or any other story about your family. Feel free to add these stories to the blog as a comment on this post so we can all read your story and discuss them throughout our unit.

We hope you enjoy this unit and the opportunities it provides to share in the wonderful pleasure of storytelling.

23 thoughts on “Story Time

  1. When i wasn’t born yet my mum was thinking ‘what shall i call her’. But when i was born she thought i looked beautiful and decided to call me Madeleine Grace. when i grew up every spare minute i have i tried to thank her and think of her.

  2. where my mum and dad lived before I was born
    my mum and dad lived in kew in Melbourne. they moved to Vancouver for my dads work. he is an engineer. I was born in Vancouver when my mum and dad lived there.

  3. My great great gran mother is a special person to me because she is 94 and i don’t get to see her a lot because she lives in Ballarat. But i am lucky that i have cousins that go up and see her. But i love going up there to see her. But sometimes she asks me what my name is 5 times because she is getting old and losing her memory.

  4. My dad once fell in a mud puddle and I laughed my head off.Then I fell in a mud puddle.Then he laughed his head off.

  5. my mum was born in springvale she is now 43 years of age and she got my name off a movie called blad runner and in the movie there was a guy called Wesley snipes and that’s how I was named.

  6. Hello everyone,
    Our family is reading the Faraway Tree together every night. Last night we talked about how they opened their home up to take in other children, so their family became bigger, and they looked after others. It was my Mum’s favourite book when she was little, and was the first chapter book she read to me when I was a baby. This is the first time Dad and my brother Nate are reading it. We really love their adventures. Love Sari xo

  7. My great Aunty Emmie. Emmie was a trained nursing sister in the 2nd world war. She was over seas in Egypt looking after the injured soldiers. It was very difficult as they were in tents and did not have a lot of supplies. It was also very hot and they had no running water. She was then shipped back to Singapore and New Guinea. The soldiers used to stand at one end of the swimming pool to shoot and frighten the crocodiles when the nurses would go to swim and wash.

  8. On Tuesday. Some 1/2s went down to the beach we found 2 Decorated crabs they were a boy and girl
    The rock pools were big we lifted big rocks but once we lifted up a rock we Had to put it back on the right way it was really chilly

  9. My Mum and Dad both grew up in Geelong, my sister Jarrah grew up in Barwon Heads and Reef, Sunni and I were all born in Jan Juc. We were all born at the Geelong hospital.

  10. When my dad was 13 he made a semi hydraulic trailer. He got a job and he liked it.. He got it win he was 13.

  11. My nan was born in Malta. This country is near Italy. She moved to Australia when she was 5. My nan travelled by a big ship with her mum and dad and two sisters.
    Once they got a home and settled nan’s mum had 2 more children.

  12. I’m very lucky because I’m a twin and I get company every day from my ‘big’ sister Milla, who was born 30 minutes before me. We were born in geelong at St John of God hospital.

  13. My dad was born east melbourne he is now. 47years old he’s very good at jokes. And he’s
    He’s funny and i like him

  14. I was born in Melbourne at Waverley private hospital when I was born i was very very. Small and cute. When I was 15months old People thought i was cute every where I. Went

  15. My favrite book is timmy failure we meet agian by Stephan pastis this the blurb if your one of the three people World by

  16. when i was 2 my mum and eva were in the cobbe chatting i ran in and had no idea. i said….. i met a bere and i sard i saw a bunny and eva look wird at me i said babie look at me and then i said thay are calling me for the party eva that when she was bbby my dad sterd her up from matilda

  17. I went to Melbourne. And I got lost for5 minutes we on 9 trains and i went my cousins footy training he play’s in afl richmond i got all the tigers signatures i met Trent cothin and jack rewoldt. It was fun

  18. Every year on Mothers Day my whole family goes to Anakie Gorge…my big cousins, aunties & uncles, my nanna and my new baby second cousin have a bbq and we go on a bushwalk and always find chocolate frogs hidden in the bush. Also…my Pa was born in Holland.

  19. I was born in 2008, my sister Sophie was born in 2009 … and my brother Darcy was born in 2010. We were all born at Geelong Hospital. My sister was born 6 days before I turned ‘one’. She was the best birthday present I have ever received! Next year my brother Darcy will start Prep, and we will all be together at school 🙂

  20. Once i was at a holiday we were playing murder in the dark And was’nt it my little brother was it and I scared the life out of him

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