At the planetarium we were glowing by the reflection of the dome. We watched a story about Tycho to the moon. It was about a dog that went to the moon. After that we saw Space, planets the southern cross, the milky way, the West gate bridge and Constellations.


By Cooper P. And Angus T.

Nitty Gritty Super City

On Friday we went to Science Works! We went to the Nitty Gritty Super City. There was a unicycle. It did not move but it was fun to go on. There was also a Lego City. It had lots of models of stuff like the Opera house. Very close to the Lego City was a building centre. It was very fun to play in! There was a pretend café too. Just near that was an extremely noisy music room! I loved to play there! There was also a really cool room where on one side you were really big and on the other side you were really small. I had lots of fun in the Nitty Gritty Super City!



By Lucy A

Sports Works

We tested our balance on bars and we also tested our speed, health and skills. We had a go on the balancing task you had stand on a wobbly circle and you had see how long you could stay on for.my favourite part was testing your strength. you had to pull a rope connected to the wall and see how strong you were.


By Ella D


The blast off show


at the blast off show we learnt new things about space these are some of the things we learnt.

  • rockets need lots of gas to blast off from earth but does not need much to get back down again because of the gravity rates
  • it  would take one our to get to space so that is the same time it would take to get to Melbourne.
  • in space you float in the air because of all the gravity so you need hard food and you need velcroe on your clothes
  • it is hard to exersize in space because you just float
  • rockets are really extremely big
  • when you get to space the bottom part of your rocket falls off into the ocean because all of the gas has been used from the bottom of the rocket







Street Art Workshop

Recently during investigations, students have been interested in different forms of Art and Drawing. This has lead to a workshop exploring Street Art. Students that attended this workshop had been investigating and experimenting with street Art prior to joining. Students used a range of skills in the workshop. They had to wonder, research, plan, design and create. We went on an excursion to explore street art in our local community, researched our wonderings and consulted a local street artist. Each student was able to add to our group presentation and in their groups they planned, experimented with and created their own finished art on a skateboard. The finished boards will be displayed in the school. A great effort by all involved!

Take a look at our presentation by clicking on the link below.


Graffiti art presentation 2 copy