We have 18 iPads in the 1/2 Learning community that are in great demand!

For a comprehensive list of apps please click here.

The 1/2 teachers have put together a list of the most popular apps at the moment.  Please see below:

Click on the pictures to go to the App in the App Store:


We use these for reading as groups, individuals and reading together.
You can download hundreds of free books and delete them when you’re done.

Book Creator

This is an easy to use app and the children adore making their own books.  The books can be uploaded onto iBooks and can appear on iPads across the school.
You can email the children’s books to their family members!

Solar Walk

Right now the children are interested in the solar system. Solar Walk is a beautiful app that shows everything you want to know about the universe, including the inside of planets!

Fragile Earth

We are looking at being caretakers of the earth in RE.
This is a beautiful app that shows the effects of human actions over time.


Click on the titles to go to the App in the App Store:

The classic adventure and spelling game.

Word Ball
The fun and tricky word making game.

Miss Sugrue’s favourite app for books.

Cimo Spelling
A challenging spelling game.

Number Battle
Are you ready to battle it out with your maths skills?

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