Everyone in the 1/2 Learning Community knows that we all love reading!

There are so many amazing literacy resources out there for everyone to use!

Here is a selection of those the 1/2 Learning Community enjoy most:

The Literacy Shed
This is a brilliant web page that has many, many different short stories sorted into genres.

Make Beliefs
Make beliefs is a nifty little site that allows you to create and print your own comics, using a selection of pre-made characters, objects and scenes.

Roy the Zebra
Roy the Zebra is a fantastic web site with guided reading and literacy games!

Story Online
Story Online is a brilliant site, where you can listen to books being read and follow up with neat activities!
This is perfect for listening to reading during Literacy.

Kids Place
Kids Place has some spiffy reading activities and games to help you to practice the strategy of ‘check for understanding’. You click on the grade you’re in, then pick any story that you like!

Funny Fairy Tales
One of Miss Sugrue’s favourite literacy games!

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  1. Literacy is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!! I love all the great activities you can do


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