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Check out the story Jasmine wrote this week:

Jasmine’s Story

Well Done Jas!



The 1/2 Learning Community were very lucky to have a real life writer, Sean Cox, come to visit us. He is the author of the book Ruby: The Adventures of the Travelling Bug.

We asked questions on how he wrote the story, how long it took and how the illustrations were made.  The Year 1 and 2s had lots of good ideas about where Ruby could go next in her travels!




Today Blue and Purple came up with a Writing Checklist.


What other things do good writers do?

I heard that some writers keep a journal of all the great words they like the sound of. They usually find them in the books they  have read.  They then use this list in their own writing.  They call it Treasure Words.  Maybe you could start your own?! 🙂

-Miss Wiffen

23 thoughts on “Literacy

  1. My Story Writing

    Super Worm and the Naughty Beetle

    Part 1:

    “Argh, the beetle is chasing me!” said the worm. The worm ran down the tunnel. The beetle followed. Super Worm saved the worm. The beetle followed. Super Worm couldn’t fly so he sprinted away and he climbed up a tree. The beetle could not climb so he needed to find away…to be continued

  2. My Story

    The horrible man stole the girl

    I was eating my ice cream when my mum was in the shop next door.A man all dressed in …to be continued

  3. Wow! It’s great to see some publishing happening on our blog! Well done guys. I can’t wait to read the final stories!

  4. RHYME
    cross-patch, draw the latch,
    Sit by the fire and spin;
    Take a cup ,and drink it up,
    Then call your neighbours in.

  5. WOW!!!! love the published work that’s happening in 1/2.I can’t wait to read allot of published WORK!!!!!!!

  6. Literacy is fun because you get to do different activities like different types of writing and publishing information texts.

  7. my story lilly and the monster part 1
    it all began on a cold storme night lilly was tucted in bed when… NOKE NOKE NOKE a lowd crecher was behind her door and she was trebeling in faer.She hid behind her bed…to be continyoud

  8. I’m writing a story about basketball. me and charlie play u10s basketball we do
    training on tuesdays and play games on thursdays our playes names are me kyon
    charlie zhi xav an will and Jett tonight we vs lighting bolts.

  9. Once there was a boy called jack and he loved motor bike riding. On the weekend he went to the bike track and he realised that it was gone.Then he ran back to the car to put his stuff in the car and to tell his dad an mum that it was gone. His dad and mum said i can’t believe it and his dad said we will haft to go home and make some our self and jack said make sure they are good. Maybe you can help, no but i hat helping. No buts his dad said if you can’t help you will haft to go to your room an you will be band from motor biking an you haft to stay in your room for five hours and that is a long time in your bedroom ok i will help with you dad because i love you so much i no you do. Ok will start now dad said ill go an get the dirt for the ramps. jack will go an get the spades.THE END

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